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The Role Playing community. is a place for members who love to dress up and go into character for or with their partners. The essence of who we are is defined by who we want to be in character and the joys of becoming that character. Role playing is like electricity, it can bring an amazing light to a situation or takes you into the darkest passions of love. Let your role playing collide into celebration and embodiment of life. The freedom of expression is where we belong.

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Exciting Roles

Role playing is not a once or twice a month thing. It’s not reserved for special occasions, holidays or just to try something new.

Men or women are the center of real role playing. It’s about sharing and giving of you. It’s combination of all the little and big things you do to show your desires and to let someone know who you are from the inside. Enjoy the journey.

I Am D'Sired - Join the Revolution

Role Playing For Life

Are you trying to get someone’s attention? Do you want to ask someone to role play? DSired wants to bring the facets of a role playing between two people by customizing, organizing, identifying, and maximizing the pleasure of social/sexual expression in a safe and fun environment, with like-minded people, anywhere in the world.

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Role Playing Relationships

Role Playing relationships seem to be expanding out into the normalcy and acceptance of everyday people. It is awesome and amazing that on the horizons the next role playing revolution has been pushed out into all social media vehicles at lightning speed. The worlds vision of role playing nation, and a firm grasp of desired events could finally be found everywhere. DSired believes role playing is full steam ahead and we want to lead the push for the next role playing revolution. Total acceptance, expression, and freedom!.


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