Social life

Social Life

Connecting social relationships with personal DSires


Community for all our couples to explore the many facets of social interaction with like-minded couples, anywhere in the world. Find out why so many couples have long lasting loving relationships and how they have survived so many years.The beginning of love is to allow those we love to be able to express who they are internally (desirably) and socially. 


DSired singles community is for people who wish to connect with like-minded members who have similar desires that they are able to combine socially. Popular culture often portrays being single on a parallel with being lonely, which is not true. Being single is the only time in life you'll be able to be yourself, free from the shackles of dependency, possessiveness, jealousy and other baggage that comes with being in a relationship. 


The Bi community is place for our members to feel free to express who they are without judgment, shame or guilt. A place of freedom and respect.They say if your bi-sexual you're are confused. We live in a society where humans can't survive without judging. We have to teach the world about the rules of equality and respect, so that when the world becomes a world without judgment. Gender equality becomes a normal way of life. DSired wants to lead the to the new social revolution.  


Community for all our gay women to explore the many facets of social interaction with like-minded women, anywhere in the world. We must always remember the women who stood proud  and fort for our community. Courage is being yourself everyday. Being lesbian means you have the courage to love what is uncommon. Dsired wants to create a social revolution. We are proud to have you apart of our communities. Welcome to the next social revolution. 


Community for all our gay men to explore the many facets of social interaction with like-minded gay men, anywhere in the world. A gay man has nothing to hide because he knows if he is honest with you, you will trust him no matter what. No one is born hating another person, people learn to hate. If they can learn to hate they can learn to love. Dsired is proud to support our gay community. Welcome to the next social revolution. 


Community for all our transgender members to explore the many facets of social interaction with like-minded transgender, anywhere in the world. We are all born a gender. Sometimes that gender doesn't match our inner being, our true self. Been born a boy at birth does not mean I am one. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial to our society and our world. It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. Dsired is proud to support our transgender community. Welcome to the next social revolution.


DSired Certified Counselors will help Individuals and couples within their own communities. Each Counselor is like-minded with each community. Reach out to your community counselor today to help with all your social interactions


Revolution begins when you refuse to allow the actions of the few to rule the lives of the many. Members have the opportunity to explore their social lives with like-minded communities around the world. You have the freedom of full and uninhibited expression. DSired is a Social Revolution. World acceptance of DSired: The Dsire for expression - especially online - is a universal social phenomenon. DSired has created a new world of acceptance. Breaking down the walls of judgment, shame and guilt, DSire allows the community to be emotionally, spiritually and sensually free. To Dsire, and to be Dsired.

We are the writers of our own destinies, the creators of our lives. And yet, our world is made of life commandments that were created by your parents, their parents, and their parents before them. We have been created by our own society through Religions, Politics, Educators, Social media, and Television. Eternal truths that appear and repeat, over and over, across the millennia. For it's only by standing on the shoulders of the past that we can truly gaze into the future. We have sacrificed everything to fight for our freedoms. Dsired will lead the way to connect like-minded people from all over the world without judgment, shame or guilt. For every human to express who they truly are internally desirably and socially.

DSired Revolution