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DSired therapist are placed into communities that they practice the same desires/lifestyle. Our therapist have a clearer understanding of what members are looking for in that particular community. Our parents either did not know how to teach us about desire or did not learn themselves. A lot of parents followed “Life Commandments” who taught their  parents to be parents or their parents before them. What is right or wrong?. The world has completely changed when it comes to desires, relationships, sexual preferences and how we learn about our desires. If you are unsatisfied with your current relationship and the desired connection you have with your partner, you are not alone and there are many options available for creating positive change. Some members feel that their partnership is no longer as strong as it once was and they are concerned that they have drifted apart. Other members report that they share a fulfilling friendship, enjoy one another’s company, but are having sex rarely, if ever. Many members like these have emerged from these scenarios having made lasting improvements to their relationships. DSired therapist will help to guide our members into finding a solution. Members will have two options to communicate with our therapist. They can use our online chat rooms in a group setting that the therapist will lead or go into private chat rooms for more personal instructions. Find your therapist today


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Robert Atkinson MD

Sexual disorders, Couples therapy

Roberts Communities

  • Gay community
  • Couples community
  • Role play community

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Sara Rosenburg MD
Sexual disorders, couples therapy, personality disorders

Sara’s Communities

  • Lesbian community
  • Couples community
  • Bondage community