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Our Sentiment value is a way of measuring the emotional interaction within Truslf and other online mentions through our algorithm that tracks positivity/ negativity of our users comments and posts.This was created and designed specifically for our Truslf platform.
  • Positive Comments 50% 50%
  • Negative Comments 30% 30%
  • Participation 50% 50%
  • Value 85% 85%

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Truslf Explained 


 Truslf desired communities are about accepting others and their sexual practices, as long as the users consent and feel safe, without moral judgment. This means accepting sexual behaviors that might be different from their own, accepting others’ sexual orientations and lifestyles without judgment. Our community involvement means having understanding of your own sexuality and respecting other users in their sexuality. 


Our sex positive community chats are as a natural and healthy part of our social and philosophical movement that seeks to change cultural attitudes and norms around sexuality. Our chatrooms cover every aspect of sexual identity including gender expression, orientation, relationship to the body (body-positivity, nudity, choice), relationship-style choice and reproductive rights.


Truslf events is a social impact platform that uses the social engagement in 100% social/desired passions to create innovative and imaginative experiences that profoundly impact people’s social/desirable perspective. We work for positive social/desirable change by creating and embracing ground-breaking ideas to create events based on our users community experiences socially and desirably.


Truslf wants to create a place where our desires are sex positive by removing shame and judgment from our desirable thoughts and creating positive affirmations like consent, communication, education that allows people to make informed choices about their bodies and pleasures.


Truslf has created a Dsired side to our app to give our users the opportunity to express their desires and passions in a community based platform. Sexuality is not about who you have sex with, or how often you have it. Sexuality is about your sexual feelings, thoughts, attractions and behaviors towards others. You can find other people physically, sexually or emotionally attractive, and all those things are a part of your sexuality.

Sexuality is diverse and personal, and it is an important part of who we are. Discovering your sexuality can be a very liberating, exciting, and positive experience.

We live in a generation today where we are all exploring our sexual wants and needs without the fear of judgment, shame, and guilt. We no longer live in the past where sex, sexuality were created to be taboo.

We will be the next social media platform that helps this generation and the next generation find themselves socially and desirably to express your Truslf. 



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