Sentiment Value

Truslf has created a Sentiment Value that tracks users comments and posts. Truslf has removed “likes” so our users will need to comment or post in the communities they have joined. The Sentiment value is percentage based. Every user will start at 50%. The more positive comments a users posts. Their sentiment value will increase higher in positivity. It will go the opposite way if a user is negative.

If the users sentiment value decreases to 40% negative the users live feed will be turned off. The user will need to earn their live feed back by getting back into the positive value. Truslf has placed an “Ice” (In case of emergency) contact into users profiles. If the user hits 30% negative. Truslf will send their ice contact an email/text to check in on their family member/friend or contact.

Truslf has created the sentiment value to help users, create positivity, and build a better experience for our users to feel safe in a positive world.